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Six or Less Berrysoap Shampoo and Body Wash



Best Value!

  • 🌞100% RISK FREE- Try our All in one wash made for the complete family! Love it Or Money Back! Soft & gentle enough for children; newborns, babies, kids, & teen or adults! No more tears! The Best Pure Soap! SLS Free Bath Soap. Foams and Bubbles!
  • 🌞MOISTURIZING & LUXURIOUS- Unlike traditional shampoos, Six or Less organic shampoo and baby wash is a liquid castile soap base doesn’t dry out your skin or hair; rather, it moisturizes them and makes your skin glow, leaving your hair luxurious
  • 🌞ORGANIC + VEGAN CHOICE- Leave your body clean and soft without harsh ingredients! This shampoo and body wash contains no synthetic chemicals nor does it have animal byproducts and it's unscented. Using a soapberry formula it's good for vegans
  • 🌞CHEMICAL FREE- We made a chemical and cruelty-free pledge. This unscented natural body wash is made for babies, men, & women, with sensitive skin or eczema. It is sulfate and paraben free. Keeps your skin pH Balanced. Using only honest ingredients
  • 🌞NATURE’S POWER- This soothing simple non fragrance wash and shampoo contains the highest quality organic cleansers that rinse your hair and wash your skin thoroughly leaving you feeling refreshed & energized. Gentle on psoriasis, and hypoallergenic.

Six or Less Berrysoap™ Shampoo and Body Wash is a pure natural liquid soap and shower gel that moisturizes and protects skin as it cleans. Dr. Jen created Six or Less in an effort to solve her children’s skin sensitivity. After years of trying out different products on the market to no avail, she decided to create her own. With a strong belief that “Less is more and simple is best”, she was confident that cleaning products do not require harsh detergents or chemicals. Instead Dr. Jen decided to use as less ingredients as possible with the ancient “magical” berrysoap as the main ingredient. Our product is a simple blend of six natural botanical ingredients that are gentle enough on babies yet effective enough to take on dirt and grime of all ages.

DIRECTIONS: Rub Six or Less Berrysoap™ Shampoo and Body Wash into your hands, face, or body and experience a luxurious refreshing lather that is clean and soothing.

SAFETY: Please try on a small portion of skin before using

NOTE: No harmful preservatives are used in Six or Less™ products.  Please store in a cool place away from sunlight and use completely within 6 months of opening for optimal freshness and effectiveness.  Please try on a small portion of skin before using.


  1. Sapindus Mukorossi Berry Juice
  2. Caprylyl Glycol & Dipropylene Glycol & Glyceryl Caprylate
  3. Decyl Glucoside
  4. Chondus Crispus ( seaweed extract )
  5. Vegetable Glycerin
  6. Citric Acid

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