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Earth's Natural Soap

My mother told me that back in the 1950's, when she was a little girl living in Taiwan, there was a magical tree in front of the house.This magical tree produced these wonderful berries that could be used as soap and people would use it to clean their bodies and hair with it. As time passed, the widespread convenience and usage of mass produced soaps and cleaners made everyone forget about the natural cleaning power of the magic berries. Factories could crank out thousands of ready to use and inexpensive soap products by the minute. So, the magical trees were forgotten and eventually the one in front of my mother’s house was cut down.It has been 30 something years since then, and I am now a parent myself. I am the father of 3 wonderful boys, and they all suffer from eczema. So according to the doctor’s suggestion we needed to use soaps and shampoos that were made natural.At first, we thought the natural products and remedies at the local grocery store should be gentle enough on their skin. But once we read over the label, we found so much unnecessary ingredients and add-on chemicals in the product. That really made us wonder, what were all these extra fillers? We only need the cleaning agents in the soap to be effective, right? But we had faith so we tried it out anyway. After a few uses my children still had days where their skin would get very irritated.

When there's a will there's a way...

So, we were now very determined to create our own natural product. With my experience as a designer of over 300 products, I partnered with my wife, a scientist with a PhD in Biology to find a solution to their skin conditions. Our goal was to make a simple soap with as less ingredients as possible.While I was thinking of which ingredients to include in our soap, I remembered about the magic berry tree my mother used to tell me stories about. On a whim, my wife and I took a trip back to our hometown in Taiwan, to look for the same kind of trees. After searching around Taiwan’s Eco reserves we found a small patch of trees that had berries, and there were these farmers harvesting them. We were curious to see if this was what we were looking for, so we went and took a closer look. Out of pure luck, we had found what we were looking for. The trees that grew there were of the sapindus mukorossi family, and they produced berrysoap.The magic berries contained 37% of saponins [ a botanical surfactant] in its juice. And saponins are a natural soap created by God’s gift of nature. With the natural saponin content, we don’t need to add harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.Less is more and Simple is better.The Berrysoap formula we created only has six or less ingredients, hence the name. With its natural gentle and soothing cleaning power, we felt comfortable using it to wash our kids. And it’s all thanks to mother nature.

Our All Natural Pledge

In an effort to be sustainable, we make a lifetime pledge to never use harmful ingredients. We will never condone animal testing, and will never test our products on animals before producing a final product. 


Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen has a phD in Biology and is dedicated to creating natural soap. As a mother of three, her goal is to make natural soaps accessible for all.  


Simon is a brilliant product designer with over 300 products. With a strong business sense, Simon is determined to make this brand a household name.  


Dave is an expert 3D industrial designer who oversees the final product structure. In his spare time he likes to karaoke.