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When coming up with which ingredients to used in our natural soap. Our team spent sleepless nights testing and preparing natural combinations until each and every ingredient we integrated had the lowest possible hazard score on Skin Deep's Verification System. Our products are as gentle as can be, and pose no health risk to all living things.


The reason why our products are so natural. This special berry produces its own natural soap from its juice. It cuts grease and oil while leaving your skin acid mantle layer intact, providing a natural refreshing clean sensation.


All natural skin conditioning agents that are derived from fresh young coconuts. These have natural antimicrobial capabilities and preservative powers that keep our products fresh.


Organic sugar based surfactant which acts as a natural foaming agent. Also derived from coconuts, this gives our product its powerful non-irritating cleansing power.

Used as a gelling and binding agent. Prevents viruses such as HPV  from penetrating the skin. Leaves skin soft and absorbent.  

Derived from the oil fats of omega-3 rich vegetables and plants. This thickener ensures the liquid consistency of the shampoo and body wash without interrupting the cleaning power of the berrysoap.

Refreshing and skin protecting solution direct from citrus fruit juice.

A minimal amount of citric acid helps balance the pH of all the organic compounds in this formula. Also a natural anti-fungal agent.