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I Really Really Love It!

Six or less is truly a unique product

I was angry at the fact that all the natural products I've bought at the market still contain SLS and parabens, these larger companies have to stop lying to us!

Sarah Steele

Absolutely Brilliant!

It's very admirable what Dr. Jen has accomplished here. I have children that suffer from eczema on and off, and it was really frustrating not being able to find something that didn't cause flare ups. With the Six or Less shampoo and body wash , I have seen less redness occurring.

Alicia Robertson

Just Like Heaven!

I love how transparent they are about their ingredients, we live in the day and age where people just seem to want to profit off of cheaply made goods and skincare products, but finding something that is actually natural was so difficult, until now. Thanks Dr. Jen!

Kara Wang

“We used only the best natural ingredients for you, so you can easily shop all the very best natural skin care, health, wellbeing and beauty products right here in the one place.”

Dr. Linda Jen

CEO, Founder of Six or Less

What's Inside?


Nature's very own soap. This berry grows in parts of Asia. And was used during ancient times as Ayurvedic Medicine.